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Now available from Big Table Publishing Company Chapbook Series

“ Every man needs to read Dealing With Men, a warm and fun collection that helps explain women."
Steve Meador, Pack Your Bags, A Good Sharp Knife, and Throwing Percy from the Cherry Tree

“Robin Stratton’s collection is at once sexy, sad, funny, and true; a looking glass past the masculine other, past the feminine self, to clarify the universal in us all.”
Charles Cote, Flying for the Window

“Robin Stratton’s book Dealing with Men is an enthralling collection. A perfect blend of wit, humor and truth, beautifully written, the ideal book for anyone who’s ever been in love.”
Carol Lynn Grellas, Litany of Finger Prayers and Object of Desire

"I think men and women both can relate to the feelings Stratton expresses in her poetry; the bittersweet relations between men and women, the frustration and despair."
Peter Clenott, Hunting the King

“Robin Stratton is one of those rare writers who has the ability to articulate the inner female conversation, a conversation of wit, heartbreak, and self-assessment that most women, and men for that matter, would never feel comfortable committing to the page. Like finding a glistening river in the middle of the woods, no one who picks up one of Stratton’s books will ever be able to forget about it or put it down.”
Jéanpaul Ferro, You Know Too Much About Flying Saucers and Being Dead : Essendo Morti

“Perfectly paints both the good and bad side. Dealing with Men works as a how-to guide when it comes to understanding why women act and react to any situation. Stratton's fluid writing style allows a reader to consume each piece of writing with ease and the emotion that motivated her to write the piece jumps off of the page for the reader to embrace.”
~ Short Story Library

“I loved the grit, the grisly, fearless, corporal reality of it, and the consistent rawness of the emotion—from the the beautifully-brutal and tender commingling of Kerouac's ghost and the speaker's lover to the the blunt intensity of the sinuous list while doing your boyfriend's laundry. Casual but heartbreaking, polished, rhythmic, almost deceptively insouciant in tone. And what range: free verse to haiku to microfiction to prose poems!”
Seth Michelson, House in a Hurricane

“Robin Stratton puts into words what we, women, have been thinking since the beginning of time. We love men and think we understand them, but really, this is all about us. Time and time again in Dealing with Men Robin exposes what we feel but are afraid to say: there's the woman in our lives who has always had her pick of men but settles for dirt cheap misery; how we call back our men after fights just to hear their voices; forced bonding with the faux wicked teenage daughter of a favorite boyfriend. Robin encourages readers to be comfortable with who they are, because we are much more alike than we like to admit. She's clever, funny, and downright sexy when she needs to be.”
~ Shoots and Vines Magazine

“It's hard enough to know the self, let alone your partner or some guy you're dating. Despite such an impossible task, Robin Stratton gives it her heartfelt best. She puts feeling and emotion into words and succeeds with each piece included in Dealing With Men. 'Nice Talking to You' is a great example, displaying the two sexes, their insecurities, and a 'hey, that's the way it is' acceptance. In 'My Boyfriend Wasn't From Here,' she laments her own mistakes and disconnect. Loneliness too, makes its way into the collection, with 'Again Last Night.' Sure, it's okay to be an independent gal, but sometimes you just want to wake up next to somebody. Not all of it is sorrowful though, for the short 'Dealing with Men' offers a solution to the quite common female flaw of devoting herself to the quest for external validation. The truth is no man is going to respect you unless you do. There is comedy within the pages too. I found myself laughing while reading 'Awaiting Clarity,' a story about trying to cope with the early arrival of the boyfriend's angst-filled daughter. Finally, through weed-laced ice cream, they are able to break through the wall and talk. Quick, short, and touching, this collection provides validation and clarity for other insecure souls struggling with relationships. No sides (or causalities) are taken; there's no sense to fighting when both sides are right.”
~ Neon Magazine

“This collection of poetry and short fiction speaks to women about the slings and arrows our sex is heir to. Following the author through a string of boyfriends, we face the familiar uncertainty, the let-downs, the traps. She knows how we deceive ourselves: 'Yeah, I’m over him/I don’t need to keep checking my phone/to make sure it’s turned on . . . .' She knows the 12-year-old body image we can’t seem to escape. She knows the regrets—maybe the one who said he was from the Pleiades wasn’t crazy, but the Right One after all. Stratton has a handle on what we think we know about relationships, the humor and pathos of what we really know in our most honest moments (the double entendre of 'We Lie Together'), and, in small glimmers, what it might mean to get what we really need.”
~ Fiddlercrab Review

"Dealing with Men is a unique blend of wisdom and humor. 'What I Know About My Mom' will stay with me, but so many poems had me laughing out loud!"
~ Redheaded Stepchild Magazine

Now available!

$14.00 plus $3.00 shipping

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