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Blue or Blue Skies
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Life is a gas for a group of bohemians living in 1970s Boston.

But when dreams collide with reality and a love triangle shatters three hearts, betrayal, fame, and buries memories threaten to destroy the friendship they thought would last forever.

"This alluring tale will keep you flipping pages through the myriad of twists and turns until the wee hours."

~ Bonnie ZoBell, What Happened Here

"In this absolutely un-put downable book, five friends struggle to survive love and success."

~ Michael C. Keith, The Next Better Place

"A classy and intelligent story that will keep the reader glued to the chair and to Stratton's immaculate text. This is a glorious book!"

~ Susan Tepper, The Merrill Diaries

"A vivid portrayal of heartbreak and redemptiom; nobody depicts relationship dynamics like Robin Stratton."

The Lascaux Review



After the sudden death of her husband, a pampered housewife discovers that having it all is success, but losing it all is freedom.

"A deeply inspiring and authentic portrayal of one woman's journey of recovery and self discovery."

~ Eliza Locke, Kissing in Iceland

"Exquisitely vulnerable and empowering."

~ Chloe McFeters, You Look a Lot Like Me

"Engaging, humorous, and thoroughly addictive."

~ Robbi Nester, Balance

"A captivating read full of twists and turns that is sure to break your heart and mend it over and over again. Never have I felt so connected to any female character. She is surely the Scarlett O'Hara of her generation."

~ Carol Lynn Grellas, Object of Desire



Science is predictable. Love isn't.

"Intelligent, edgy and captivating. Stratton fluidly lights our fire with heartbreak and a confluence of mysteries that mesmerize us throughout, from the rabid fugitive genes that run rampant through us to the rabid human desire for power at the expense of truth."

~ Meg Tuite, Domestic Apparition

"A wonderfully written and extremely interesting novel that will undoubtedly captivate lovers of science and literature alike."

~ Dr. Steven Caplan, Matter over Mind

"With exceptional skill and acuity, In His Genes illustrates the distinction between the seeming and meaning in outer and inner human landscapes. A very fine read."

~ Zack Kopp, Sorehead

"Romantic and suspenseful!"

~ Elizabeth Szewczyk, This Becoming

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Poetry and Short Fiction

"At times solemn, at times laugh out loud funny, and manages to come across as a serious work that doesn't take itself too seriously. A very satisfying and enjoyable read."

~ Tom Mahoney, An Imperfect Solitude

"A feast of engaging narration that illustrates the absurdity of the human predicament, yet never disregards the reality of heartache. With a bit of wit, quirkiness, courage, and vulnerability all rolled into one, these poems tackle the matter of mortality."

~ Renee Podunovich, If There is a Center

"A Petri dish of poems brimming with vulnerability, wonder, and permeability. Watch out, Stratton's red hot. She can do anything."

~ Laura Rodley, Your Left Front Wheel is Coming Loose

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Poetry and Short Fiction

"I love the grit, the grisly, fearless, corporal reality of it... casual but heartbreaking, polished, rhythmic, almost deceptively insouciant in tone."

~ Seth Michelson, House in a Hurricane


"Works as a how-to guide when it comes to understanding why women act and react to any situation. The emotion jumps off the page for the reader to embrace." 

Short Story Library

"At once sexy, sad, funny, and true; a looking glass past the masculine other, past the feminine self, to clarify the universal in us all."

~ Charles Cote, Flying for the Window

"Stratton is clever, funny, and downright sexy when she needs to be."

Shoots and Vines Magazine


On Air

During the 1980s Eric Storm was Boston's hottest radio personality, but 20 years later he's a full-grown beagle heavier, divorced, and out of work. When his mother makes a deathbed confession, the diary she kept years ago reveals a shocking truth about the father he never met, and suddenly he has a new role to play.

"Truly, it would be difficult to experience On Air without ache, surprise, guided optimism, and beautiful release."

North Chicago Review

"A compelling novel about parents and adult children, love, pain, heartbreak, and faith... a story that will hit home with a lot of readers."

~ Jordan Rich, WBZ Radio

"A hilarious ad poignant story of redemption and of finding the courage to discover what really matters."

~ Tom Mahoney, Imperfect Solitude

"Funny and heartfelt. Readers will relate and discover something important about their own lives and loves. Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish."

~ Michael C. Keith, Life is Falling Sideways

Of Zen and Men
In His Genes
Dealing with Men
On Air
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